Outstanding RADAR tracking

M-PLOT is a RADAR extractor-tracker, unique to the market thanks to its RADAR merging capacities. It is the core of DIADÈS MARINE's products.
It is the key techology in of all DIADÈS MARINE's surveillance solutions and systems.

M-PLOT is a high-performance and high-definition (1.5m) RADAR extractor/tracker. M-PLOT is able to manage up to 4 collocated or remote radars by merging and processing radar video data according to the signal processing settings chosen by the integrator or according to the environment analysis (clutter/noise) or the sea environment.

M-PLOT merges real-time echoes produced by several radars in order to create a single video synthesis or to create multiple summary, comparative or incremental videos for one or many tracks.
M-PLOT is the most flexible solution available that can imagine all possible detection and tracking scenarios and that can contemplate merging several radars.

Every strategy provides significant benefits in regards to the signal/noise ratio or discrimination distance, or detection performance and even in terms of tracking accuracy (or a mix of all four depending on the chosen combinations). 
DIADÈS MARINE offers unmatchable multi-radar detection features that are well above other products available on the market – there is no equivalent in terms of RADAR merging.

Designed and manufactured in France

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