DIADES MARINE has designed and developed two, high-performance pieces of technology that are intended to be used by all air and maritime security systems and system integrators.


M-PLOT is a high-performance and high-definition (1.5m) RADAR extractor/tracker. M-PLOT is able to manage up to 4 colocated or remote RADARs by merging and processing RADAR video data according to the signal processing settings chosen by the integrator or according to the environment analysis (clutter/noise) or the sea environment.
M-PLOT merges real-time echoes produced by several RADARs in order to create a single video synthesis or to create multiple summary, comparative or incremental videos for one or many track paths.

M-PLOT is the most flexible solution available that can imagine all possible detection and tracking scenarios and that can contemplate merging several RADARs.
Every strategy provides significant benefits regarding the signal/noise ratio, or in terms of discrimination distance, or detection peformance and even in terms of tracking accuracy (or a mix of all four depending on the chosen combinations).

M-PLOT is a unique solution in the field of RADAR merging and is at the heart of DIADÈS MARINE's surveillance products and systems.
DIADÈS MARINE offers unmatchable mult-radar detection features that are well above other products on the market – there is no equivalent in terms of RADAR merging.


C-AIS is a collaborative communications system that was originally based on a cooperative and encrypted AIS-VHF messaging service. (It is possible to transmit in an IP format via SATCOM link, HF).
It enables many ships to share amongst each other security data associated with AIS and RADAR tracks, information regarding dangerous areas in the vicinity, tracking data from HarbourSight, CoastSight, AirSight or SeaSight surveillance systems or data from third-party systems that are compatible with C-AIS's protocole.
C-AIS provides users with a synthesis situtation in the simplest way possible.

C-AIS manages two networks, one dynamic (vessel entry and exit) and the other, a revocation network (to banish vessels that present a potential threat). C-AIS also manages key-protection, the selectivity of sent messsages depending on the authorized debit, data filtering by the receiver and priority alerts to an operato.
C-AIS operates with a very low bit-rate stream (<2,2 kbits/sec)

C-AIS was originally designed and deployed to help vessels locate and share the location of piracy threats amongst each other and also to pass on any hazard,danger data to colleagues and the authorities.

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