DIADES MARINE provides a large range of support means aimed at coast protection and suveillance, designed for coast-guards, harbour masters or environemental protection agencies.

  • HarbourSight designed for on-shore coastal and port master centres. 
  • CoastSight used by coastal and maritime surveillance vessels.
  • C-AIS, an intelligence network that allows all users to share and forward all surveillance and monitoring data in a particular area.
  • DM1220 (short range - perimeter surveillance) - DM1220 RADAR has a very low electromagnetic-footprint (less than a mobile phone) and has been designed to monitor sensitive sites. This RADAR provides an excellent resolution and sensitivity at close-range which enables users to monitor remote and harzardous areas.

These assisting means help State organisations, authorities and coast-guards to patrol and monitor their EEZ and any activity in order to defy maritime piracy, detect go-fast narco-trafficking vessels, spot illegal immigration, tackle marine pollution and manage search and rescue operations.