DIADES MARINE has designed a complete airborne, maritime-surveillance solution to be used by State authorities (police, customs), private air-surveillance companies acting in their name and offshore maritime operations companies that require improved surveillance means when monitoring sites during construction at sea.

This solution includes an airborne RADAR (DM12N RADAR range), its high-definition Extractor: M-PLOT and an aero-maritime mission system: AirSight (Insert Link).
It is the lightest and most competitive aero-maritime solution that one can find on the market.
It is particulary well suited to detecting small boats at sea.


The DM12N series is a range of aero-maritime RADARs that offer various diametres (38 to 130 cm) and different powers (4kW to 25kW). All models can be easily mounted on any type of aircraft (a single flexible cable to circulate between the radome and the central power unit) and are light-weight (10 to 25kg). This material is not subject to any export restrictions. 


AirSight natively integrates raw or filtered videos, automatic RADAR tracks and as well as Day and IR Camera videos (HD-SDI or Ip format)
AirSight can be associated with all of DIADES MARINE'S monitoring systems (CoastSight, HarboutSight) thanks to C-AIS (link – via VHF, IP downlink or IP SAT) or with a specific protocole in order to constitute a genuine C2ISR system.