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An intuitive port and coastal navigation supervision and surveillance tool
Securing offshore wind farms

HarbourSight is an easy to use and intuitive maritime tracking tool ( VTS – Vessel Tracking Surveillance System).
HarbourSight enables to integrate, manage and merge numerous RADAR sensors, Day/Night cameras, Gonio, Weather, VHF, and AIS in a single system.

It is intended to be used by Coast-Guard coastal stations, harbour masters and offshore wind farm operators.

HarbourSight integrates a unique and recognised technological innovation: M-PLOT, that enables to process and fusion raw video RADAR data.

M-PLOT's high performance enables HarbourSight to:

  • Provide genuine anti-collision features, thus enhancing the security of staff and the sites/zones being monitored.
  • Detect violators of maritime, customs laws and regulations, operation exclusivities or bans.
  • Facilitate ships manoeuvring and docking in port.
  • Situate and identify small vessels in or approaching wind farm sites, thus improving navigational security nearby sensitive areas


HarbourSight enables to improve the flow of maritime traffic, mooring and anchoring operations but also offers a better prevention of potential collisions.

HarbourSight facilitates the use of sensors in monitoring centres thanks to a greater functional integration (merged RADARS amongst themselves , or RADAR/AIS, or RADAR/Cameras or cameras/AIS etc...) and especially the operating of RADARS due to processing and display improvements.
HarbourSight minimises the time spent by operators to understand all sensor and technical settings in order to focus entirely on the relevant monitoring of the maritime environment.

Designed and manufactured in France

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