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Tuna-fishing, or how to combine efficiency, productivity and species preservation while encouraging fishing of free and mature fish schools.

FishSight is the only operational and proven radar data processing solution dedicated to the world of fishing.

FishSight has been designed for shipowners, skippers and fishermen who wish to spot tuna schools and other carnivorous species via the long-range detection and analysis of following flocks of birds.

This system enables the user to detect, track and analyse all radar echoes in order to identify potential bird flocks by using a set of behavioural filters and techniques (speed, current, movements, radar return intensity).

FishSight provides a remarkably improved clear detection performance obtained by merging already installed raw radar data (up to 4 radars simultaneously).
The improvement is significant in regards to both the detection range and the ability to detect isolated birds.
Fishing practices have been incorporated into the heart of FishSight for an easier understanding and to meet fishermen’s expectations.
FishSight's technology stems from DIADÈS MARINE'S naval expertise and know-how and integrates a technological innovation: M-PLOT (multi-radar merging and processing)


FishSight is an intuitive and modern system connected to exisiting radars, that any radar operator, Captain or fisherman can get to grips with in a very short space of time.

FishSight allows you to increase your efficiency and yield during your fish shoal search operations therefore significantly reducing fuel consumption and use of your ship, whilst having the best selection of targeted species.

Only one device on a single screen, FishSight enables you to continuously monitor and track fishing bird-flocks over a long period of time, irrespective of the monitored distance, in incredible quality whether in close-range (sea filter to retain flocks, flock break-ups monitoring, tracking in high-density areas) or in long-range (excellent detection and precision tracking).Finally, it also enables to locate and visualise other fishermen in the vicinity on the same single screen.


FishSight is operational on more than 50 tuna purse seiners in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans.

Designed and made in France
Proven compatibility on main fishing S Band radars (FurunoTM ...)

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