Protect critical infrastructures against any aerial threat

The DM20N radars are perimeter surveillance systems intended for critical infrastructures and areas.

All FMCW RADARS part of the DM20N range are very easy to install and have been designed to be used by site and infrastructure operators that wish to detect and supervise all drone and small flying object aerial threats.
They enable users and operators to detect any aerial or surface threat that is approaching the protected zone and thus supervise and secure the permiter and aerial access entry/exist portals on site.


The lightweight, small-sized, low-emitting DM20N RADARSs can be installed easily near any structure and are aimed to be installed on sites such as: critical infrastructures (petrol refineries, nuclear sites), railway sites, prisons and correctional facilities, sports stadiums and open-air public areas etc.

Designed and manufactured in France

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