diades marine DN12N 01 848x250

Airborne radar destined for maritime-border surveillance and protection

The radars in the DM12N range are compact, lightweight, X-band magnetron radars that are to be installed underneath light aircraft that conduct airborne maritime surveillance and protection operations.

It is to be employed on maritime patrol airplanes used by coast-guards, Marines, public agencies, companies or delegations that are responsible for battling illegal immigration at sea, search and rescue of ships sinking and/or in trouble at sea, detecting go-fast, narco-trafficking vessels, detecting and tackling illegal fishing activities, illegal immigration and maritime pollution.

The DM12N radars can track very small-sized targets thanks to it's FastScan technology and it's quick rotation speed (27 RPM) which produces extremely good detection performances especially in rough sea conditions.
It is equipped with a high-definition radar video extractor: M-PLOT (minimum cell resolution at 1.5m over 10 acquisition bits) thus creating a detailled mapped environment on the monitor.

DM12N's MTBF is 10 000 hours which guarantees a low MCO.


The DM12N radar has the best performance-weight- price ratio available for an airborne, maritime surveillance radar.
As well as having a very low weight (10 to 25kg depending on the model), the DM12N radar also possesses a low power consumption of less than 200W.

The DM12N airborne radar has all the necessary qualities required to carry out maritime-border and surface surveillance operations efficiently.

 Designed and made in France

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