Cooperative sea-communications system

C-AIS is a cooperative communications system incorportated in our SeaSight product based upon a cooperative and unencrypted AIS-VHF messaging service (possible to transmit in an IP format via SATCOM-, HF-link).
C-AIS has been designed and deployed to localise and share maritime piracy threats and to pass on hazard,danger-information to follow ships and cooperative vessels at sea.

It enables many ships to share amongst each other security data associated with AIS and RADAR tracks, information regarding dangerous areas in the vicinity, tracking data from HarbourSight, CoastSight, AirSight or SeaSight surveillance systems or data from third-party systems that are compatible with C-AIS's protocol.

C-AIS manages two networks, one dynamic (vessel entry and exit) and the other, a revocation network (to banish vessels that present a potential threat). C-AIS also manages key-protection, the selectivity of sent messages depending on the authorized debit, data filtering by the receiver and priority alerts to an operator.

C-AIS operates with a very low bit-rate stream (<2,2 kbits/sec)

C-AIS provides users with surface situation in the simplest way possible

Designed and manufactured in France

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