Maritime monitoring and surveillance from the skies

AirSight is an airborne, maritime surveillance mission mapping system to be installed on airplanes or helicopters. It enables to merge and monitor a set of cameras, the DM12N radar, AIS and communications in order to provide the user with a complete understanding of the surface situation and to share this with an operations centre.

AirSight has been designed all organisations responsible for maritime surveillance and protection such as: coast-guards, maritime-gendarmeries, customs, sea & rescue teams and private companies.

This mission system enables to carry out detection and monitoring from the air for: search and resuce operations, ships in distress, maritime pollution (dumping, oil spills) as well as all illegal maritime activites: narco-trafficking, illegal immigration, illegal fishing.
AirSight can also be integrated into a cooperative network of surface surveillance amongst vessels.


AirSight is an efficient, affordable but also simple to use system. It detects small sized vessels and efficently filters all natural noise from the surrounding environment.
Its single screen and high-definition images make it very easy to use. To be installed on PC.

This system can be used with RADARs already installed or with a RADAR from DIADÈS MARINE'S DM12N range, controlled via a touch-screen.

Designed and manufactured in France

ITAR & EU free ; no export restrictions

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