DIADÈS MARINE is a French company founded in 2011 to specifically address the challenges of detecting weak signature targets in noisy maritime environments.

DIADÈS MARINE is a supplier and manufacturer of navigational aids equipment (2651A) specialised in radar detection and radar data processing products and solutions.

We are currently present in numerous fields and can offer the following solutions

  • maritime surveillance and detection software and systems aimed at different sea-based domains (fishing, navigation, coast-guards, secure navigation)
  • innovative radars used for specific purposes (3D FlightTrack radar, aero-maritime, perimeter surveillance radars)
  • mono/multi plot radar extractor-trackers that merge up to 4 radars in real-time 

How do we do it ?

Our core business is the detection and the discrimination small targets in cluttered maritime environments (M-PLOT) : a know-how that we have incorportated into all of our products and solutions.

Who can we help ?

Depending on your specific needs and the solutions you are looking for, we are able to assist and accompany numerous users and parties. We can help all types of vessels and infrastructures to overcome every-day surveillance and radar detection hurdles no matter their trade.

  • merchant, fishing, cargo, patrol and surveillance, work and supply vessels
  • patrol and surveillance aircraft
  • harbour masters, port authorities and agencies responsible for port and coast surveillance and monitoring
  • operators, constructors and contractors of critical infrastructures: SEVESO sites, nuclear plants, petrol refineries, railway sites, prisons and correctional facilities, offshore sites, stadiums and open-air infrastructures...
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