DIADÈS MARINE will be present at the 3rd edition of the Wind Energy and Biodiversity Seminar

3e seminaire eolien et biodiversite diades marine presente nouveau radar 3d flighttrackDIADÈS MARINE will be taking part in the 3rd edition of the Seminar on Wind Power and Biodiversity backed by the ADEME, the MTES, the SER, the LPO and the FEE*, on November 21st and 22nd that will focus on the potential impacts of wind farms on wildlife, in particular on birds, at the Atlantica Campus in Artigues-près-Bordeaux (33370).

In line with the theme DIADÈS MARINE will present its new radar: the 3DFlighTTrack, capable of detecting, positionning and tracking all small flying objects in real-time and 3D, and furthermore capable of providing predictive trajectories of all tracked targets in 3D.

By processing, analysing and sharing behavioural data, advanced detection using radar can be a solution to gain a better understanding of the possible impacts of wind farms on birds' migration routes, patterns and habitat.

*ADEME: French Environement and Energy Management Agency
MTES: The Ministry for an Ecological and Solidary Transition
SER: Renewable energy board
LPO: Bird protection league
FEE: French Wind Energy assocaition